Hard Candy : Coconut

Hey everyone! I hope you’re doing good, so couple weeks ago I was in the Walmart and I was cruising the clearance section and found the entire collection of Hard Candy’s 20th anniversary Collection. I do believe there are six in total correct me if I’m wrong but I only picked up for because the clearance wasn’t that great ( 3 bucks ea.)  it was only a dollar off and I’m not a huge fan of hard candy but I figure for nostalgia purposes I pick up at least for them. 

The first one I tried on, I was the most excited about because I honestly can’t remember the last time I wore white polish and this one was really unique because it had a hint of pinkish purple glitter.  

 I’m going to be completely honest, I’m not a fan of this polish. I found to be very goopy and the glitter I referred to earlier is pretty much nonexistent on the nail. The little jelly ring it comes with is cute……lol  

 if you look close (which I suggest you don’t) you’ll probably see a lot of my struggles, I found it bubbled quite a bit  and it like I said it was goopy. I am wearing two coats of coconut for the picture and I found dry time was horrible I almost had to wait an hour in between coats. I am still going to try out the other colors to see if the formula is different on those perhaps.  Thank you so much reading and please remember if you’re in the market for some really cool exotic jewelry check out my Etsy store https://www.etsy.com/shop/FineryArmory


Colors By Llarowe : Chillin’ In Paradise 

Hey guys so today I have an oldie but a goodie! This is from CBL’s 2014 summer collection ,I got it at that time but I’m just now getting around to wearing it.

 I don’t believe it’s available on her website anymore but people get rid of stuff left and right, mostly on Facebook groups or on the blog sales. So if you want it I’m sure you’ll be able to get your hands on it.  

 Chillin’ in Paradise is in light blue strong holo color. CBL has changed up their logo and bottle so this is the older version, like I said before tho I’m not sure if she still making this polish 😦  If you guys hear anything let me and my other readers know please!  

 As far as the formula, it was really awesome. It’s what we’ve come to expect from CBL. I am wearing two coats of Chillin in Paradise in the pictures. 

Thanks so  much for reading! One more thing before I go, I wanted to let you guys know that me and my husband have started making jewelry on the side 🙂 and if you guys are interested I will leave a link to here to our Etsy store just in case you want to check out our stuff!  https://www.etsy.com/shop/FineryArmory

Lilypad Lacquer : Musky 

Hey guys! How is everyone? I am doing great, busy but good 🙂 today I have such a pretty color to share with you guys I absolutely love wearing these shades of pink, I think the flatter my skin tone.  I got so many compliments while wearing this color specially yesterday for some reason, I think maybe because my lipstick matched the color lol.  

 Musky from Lillypad lacquer it’s a beautiful light dusty pink holo. It was partly cloudy when I took these photos but I can tell you this one is not as holo as perhaps some of the others I’ve shown from Lilypad Lacquer, but still very beautiful and worth checking out.

 On a side note : please excuse my wretched cuticles, I only noticed how bad they looked when I was going to the photos. I have not had time to trim them so don’t look! 🙈lol 

 For both photos I am wearing two coats of Musky. I’m not exactly sure these backstory on the name, it’s interesting for sure.. I’m sure there is one though.Check out Lilypadlacquer.com or any other blog posts and let me know if you find out anything on that! Perhaps it’s named after my dog lol I kid 😁 anyways guys thank you so much for reading ❤ 

Enchanted Polish : Hoilday 2014 

Hey everyone! I’m so glad to be back and I hope everyone’s doing well, I am doing great! I am sorry for not posting as much I’ve been super busy after getting back from New York. I had a fabulous time I cannot wait to go back it was fantastic, even better than I thought and I’ve been in a daze ever since! Because of that I have not been doing much nail polish swatching lately, but before I did go on the trip I did paint my nails with Enchanted  Holiday 2014 . It was what I had on my nails in New York and when I turned the big 3-0! 

At the end of this post I’ll throw in a few pictures from my trip, but for now it’s get back to polish 🙂  

 Holiday 2014 easy beautiful forest green holo with red/pinkish shift, this one is so beautiful I really love the color!  The pictures in this post show me wearing only one coat  of Holiday 2014 and you guys know how much I love a one coater!  

 If you’re able, get your hands on this color, is truly a must-have for any green lovers and it did not stain my nails whatsoever, and I had it on for a good week and a half! Not to mention I did not have any chipping whatsoever but that’s because I knew I wouldn’t have time to paint my nails in NYC so I put on. Dior’s gel topcoat. It works great however it is a little bit on the pricey side and I do believe I’ve talked about it in a previous post but it’s totally worth the splurge! 

Thanks so much guys for sticking around and please bear with me while I get back in the swing of things. as promised here are a few pictures from my New York trip and I’ll talk to you guys next time! ❤  


Jade : Falling Star 

Hey everybody so again I’m sorry for not being around lately, but Ive been super busy getting ready for the trip. if anybody is wondering we’re on the 10 day countdown, that’s right in 10 days I shall be in New York! I cannot be any more excited about it, however I am a wee bit nervous about the plane but I’ll get over it once I see that New York skyline! The downside to all this is I will be turning 30 is well (le sigh)

Moving on (lol)…. Today I have Falling Star from Jade, Fallingstar it’s a really pretty teal holo. I mentioned in previous posts that Jade is a Brazilian brand of polish and can be purchased through Llarowe. I did get this one in a sale awhile back and I’m pretty sure I paid three dollars For it which is a really good deal. I do know that she still running a sale at the moment so run over there and check it out!  

  For the pictures I am wearing two coats of Falling Star. As far as the formula goes I liked it a lot, I always like Jade however sometime they are little on the watery side but I did not have a problem getting this to full opacity. 

 Thanks guys for sticking in there with me, again my posts might be a little sporadic especially as It gets closer to the trip, but as soon as I get back I plan to get back on a schedule. 🙂 If I don’t talk to you guys before the trip xoxo! Thanks for reading ❤ 

Cult Nails : Ay Poppy!

Hey everyone sorry for being M.I.A lately I had to cut my nails because of that break that I spoke of in previous posts, and I’m back to nubs now and I feel sad about it. So I’m just kind waiting for my nails to grow back, i haven’t stopping painting my nails so today I have Ay Poppy from Cult Nails to share today. I do believe Cult is going out of business so if you want this or any of their other beautiful colors you better act fast because there going pretty fast! I picked up mine on Llarowe.com and you guys are never going to guess how much I paid for this polish… $1 crazy right?! 

(sad face about the nubs) Ay Poppy! Is a bright reddish orange. I really enjoyed wearing this color now, not only because it brightened up my day, but I didn’t have  a color quite this shade in my collection. I am wearing two coats of Ay Poppy! for the pictures and I’m noticing there is somewhat of a visible nail line. So perhaps a third might have fixed that. 

So be sure and check out llarowe.com and Harlow and Co. to get your Cult Nail Lacquer before they are gone. And on a sidenote I would like to thank all of my followers for staying with me! I will be posting still but I am extremely busy lately with the trip less than a month away now not to metion I’m kind of waiting for my nails to grow  out a little more. I feel they’re  way too short to be showing so if my posts are infrequent I apologize, but please hang in there I’m still here and will be back shortly! Thanks for reading ❤ 

Lilypad Lacquer : Cool Illusion

Hey everyone! Today I have another Lilypad lacquers to share, I’m really beginning to love this brand and I think it’s fabulous! I’m a huge fan of the formula and unique colors. Today’s color is Cool Illusion, this was an Llrowe exclusive. I don’t believe it’s available anymore on Llarowe, however I’m sure you can get your hands on it still second hand via blog sales, Storenvy and nail polish groups on FB 🙂

IMG_6736 Cool Illusions is an beautiful purple blue shifting holo. I think mentioned before the formula was good and so was the color saturation. For the pictures I am wearing two coats of Cool illusion.

IMG_6737 On a sidenote: I have a little bit of bad news, the nail I had broke and talked about in a previous post (my index finger) is continuing to break, and its gotten pretty bad. For the pictures, I’m not sure you can tell but it’s practically in half, I did manage to patch it up with Orly’s repair kit but I’m not exactly sure how long that will hold 😦 so perhaps I may go on hiatus if it does fall off completely or dare I say it ?! Finally cut my nails off and continue to blog … Thats painful just thinking about it but maybe inevitable. At this point only time will tell but I will continue blogging as long as it holds. If you have any comments on the matter please feel free to leave them below. Thanks for reading ❤